Continental Construction Management (CCM) uses specific management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from beginning to end.

Specific functions we execute include specifying project objectives and delineating the scope, budget, scheduling, products, subcontractors, and performance criteria. We then coordinate the planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction of the project, keeping the client advised of each phase of implementation, adherence to the proposed schedule, and any issues that have occurred.

We handle all project planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, safety management, and professional practice.

We provide pre-construction services to determine the feasibility of a project early in the construction process to aid the client in determining a cost-effective solution to their objectives. This is primarily associated with preliminary estimation, value engineering, constructability phase of the project, and the determination of a guaranteed “not-to-exceed” contract sum.

Continental Construction Management (CCM) takes responsibility for the entire construction process—whether that be a small restoration or addition, a large renovation or rehabilitation, or an entire building—maintaining careful oversight to ensure a positive outcome.

We make sure that all accepted construction practices are met, the building conforms to all local building codes and regulations, and our crews comply with all OSHA safety regulations and codes of practice.

CCM also continually researches new construction techniques made possible by new technologies, as well as a developing a more sustainable and “green” project.

Continental Construction Management (CCM) practices the design-build delivery system for our projects—handling all design and construction services, and being a single-point of responsibility that reduces risks, shortens the delivery schedule, and lowers overall costs.

Continental Construction Management takes on the role as the general or “prime” contractor, being responsible for the overall coordination of the project, and all of the day-to-day oversight the construction site, trades, product quality, and the dissemination of all communications to all involved parties of the project.

We are responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of the project, and hire the subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work. CCM also manages all addendums or modifications to the agreed-upon specifications.

We are also responsible for the quality control of all work performed by any and all subcontractors, and for the safety of the job site.

CCM is responsible to obtain any required building permits, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on the site, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, and maintaining accurate records.

Continental Construction Management (CCM) strives to provide a safe construction site. Safety inspections are a primary means of identifying unsafe acts and conditions in the field. Safety inspections also help determine the level of compliance with safety requirements by supervisors and workers.

We conduct regular and frequent safety inspections of all work areas at each job site. Inspections are guided by MIOSHA requirements, the requirements of our Safety and Health Manual, and any other contractual requirements. Under normal circumstances, we cooperate with MIOSHA Compliance Officer inspections.

Safety inspections are documented and include what was inspected, any violations or hazards identified, corrective actions to be taken or required, and the date that the corrective action(s) will be completed.

Unsafe conditions identified during a safety inspection will be either corrected immediately or work in the area will be suspended until the condition is corrected.

Willful or repeat violations by individuals will result in a written disciplinary notice being issued.

We will use our resources to complete our projects with a primary concern for safety. We focus our safety efforts on preventing recognizable hazards, including unsafe acts and unsafe conditions which are the primary causes of accidents, injuries, illnesses, fatalities, and property damage.

It is also our policy to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations governing construction safety. Our Safety and Health Manual describes each element of our construction safety program, explaining the methods to be used when implementing our safety program. All of our supervisors and employees perform their duties in accordance with applicable safety codes, regulations, standards, and our Safety and Health Manual.